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Padgett Mason is a San Diego artist known for her Pet Portraits as she has the ability of capturing the unique personality of each animal.  Every piece is highly energized, colorful, and typically injected with a bit of whimsy.  Cats and dogs are the most popular subjects but all animals are possible.  Padgett works in many different styles.  The majority of her work is in an illustrative fashion full of character and humor.  She also creates realistic pieces, though they are often charged with color.  The Funky Feline series emerged 7 years ago.  One of Padgett's online art groups had a colorful character challenge and the Hue Crew/Funky Felines were born.  Original artwork can be seen at Spanish Village in Balboa Park as well as Mission Federal ArtWalk and Art Around Adams (please see Events & Venues page for details).

Artist Statement
I love what I do and feel fortunate to be able to create as my profession.  For me art is a necessity, it's a part of me that I can't ignore.  I am constantly thinking of new images and compositions to pursue.  It's wonderful to express my emotions through my artwork.  I paint almost everyday.  My style varies as I like to experiment and challenge myself as an artist.  My work has been referred to as unique, fresh and whimsical.  Color is a big part of my work and is used to evoke emotion.  My favorite subjects are cats.  I just love their personalities and beautiful lines.  Painting
Funky Felines brings me joy and it's a kick to see the happiness they bring to others.  I also get great inspiration from my students.  Children are so free when they create and seeing that liberates me in my work as well.  

About this Website
This site is presented as a portfolio of Padgett Mason's art.  
Please visit the 
Pet Portraits page to see examples and get
ideas for your own unique commisson.  
Pricing information can
be found at the bottom of that page.  The art on the 
Funky Felines and More Art pages are also examples of Padgett's creations which may be available for purchase.  If there is a piece you are interested in please use the Contact Information to inquire about it's availability.  The Events & Venues page lists places where Padgett's art can be seen.  All images remain the property of the artist and replication is forbidden by copyright law.

Contact Information
(619) 516-3358

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